2011 CESM Tutorial Coursework

Below are the complete training materials from the CESM tutorial, held at the NCAR Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO, August 1-5, 2011. Each day's material is listed below, with a new introduction for the web. For questions or comments on these materials, please use the Tutorials forum section of the CGD bulletin board: http://bb.cgd.ucar.edu. We encourage feedback to help us improve these pages. Enjoy!

Day 1

Welcome, Intro, Logistics, David Lawrence [VIDEO]

Lecture 1: Introduction to the coupled system, James Hurrell [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 2: Atmosphere Modeling I: Intro & Dynamics, Peter Hjort Lauritzen [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Session 1: Intro: Introduction to NCAR computing environment, Dave Lawrence [PDF] [VIDEO]


Practical Session 1: Intro: Run CESM, Brian Kauffman [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Lab 1: Including computer setup

Day 2

Lecture 3: Atmosphere Modeling II: Physics, Rich Neale [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 4: Atmos. Modeling III: Chemistry, Aerosols and WACCM, J.-F. Lamarque [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 5: Land modeling I: Biogeophysics, David Lawrence [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Session 2: Intro: Run CESM 2: Simple Modifications, Christine Shields [PDF] [exercise 3 PDF] [exercise 6 PDF] [exercise 7 PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Lab 2

Day 3

Lecture 6: Land Modeling II: Ecosystem Modeling, Sam Levis [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 7: Ocean Modeling I, Susan Bates [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 8: Ocean Modeling II, Gokhan Danabasoglu [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Session 3: Intro: Diagnostics and Output , Adam Phillips [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Lab 3

Day 4

Lecture 9: Sea Ice Modeling, Marika Holland [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 10: Biogeochemistry, Matt Long [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 11: Applications: Climate Change, Jerry Meehl [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Session 4: Intro: Namelist and Code Modifications, Cecile Hannay [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Lab 4

Day 5

Lecture 12: Land Ice Modeling, Bill Lipscomb [PDF] [VIDEO]

Lecture 13: Applications: Paleoclimate Modeling, Bette Otto-Bliesner [PDF] [VIDEO]

Practical Session 5:
Intro Breakouts: Ocean/Ice, Land / BGC, Atmosphere/Chem/WACCM
Ocean/Ice, Nancy Norton and David Bailey [Ocean/Ice exercises PDF] [Ocean/Ice lecture PDF]
Land/BGC, Sam Levis [Land/BGC PDF]
Land Ice, Bill Lipscomb [Land Ice PDF]
Atmosphere/Chem/CAM, Rich Neale, Michael Mills, Simone Tilmes
[Atmosphere PDF] [WACCM & CAM-Chem PDF] [CAM-Chem Description PDF] [WACCM Quickstart PDF]

Practical Lab 5