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CCSM2.0 Experiment Series

b20.007 -- CCSM2.0 1990 Control Run

A CCSM2.0 control run has been carried out. The model was run fully coupled for 370 years in a spin up mode using a pre-release version of CCSM2.0 with constant 1990 conditions. The final control run was continued from year 350 of this spin-up run and was run fully coupled. Monthly average data from all components was saved and some post-processed time series are available.

Diagnostic Plots

Model History File Output

The control experiment case name is b20.007. All model output are archived on the NCAR mass storage system. Model output can be found on NCAR's Mass Storage System (MSS) in directories named...

where $component is atm, lnd, ocn, ice, or cpl.

There is a general filenaming convention. Monthly average filenames looks like

where $model is cam1 or cam2, clm2, pop, csim, or cpl5 and yyyy-mm is the model year and month of the monthly average data. The h? string is h0 for cam1, cam2, and clm2; h for pop and csim; and ha for cpl5. In addition to the monthly average files, there are some daily average files for the atmosphere that are named b20.007.cam1.h1.yyyy-mm-dd.nc or b20.007.cam2.h1.yyyy-mm-dd.nc where yyyy-mm-dd is the first date of the history file. For the atmosphere, there are 30 days of samples per daily average file.

For example, mass store paths and filenames for the March, year 503 monthly average file for all components are

Data for case b20.007 exists from January, year 350 onward. At the current time (May 17, 2002), model output exists to year 600. However, the control run continues.